leadership training


Who should attend?
  • Team Leaders, Managers,Head of Departments, Business Heads and all those who have to lead and want to enhance other skills through team leadership development in order to achieve outstanding results.

The LeadershipWay

In today’s world it is essential to engage your team and assist them in reaching their goals. It is of utmost importance to guide and inspire your workforce. Kaizer’s leadership training helps individuals that lead their workforce to successfully take charge of their team as well as to shift from managing to leading their subordinates. We at Kaizer India provide a leadership training like none other, by bringing together the world’s most successful leaders practices in one course. Trainee’s learn, grow and gain knowledge through understanding the leadership strategies of the various leaders, that have helped in forming the base for innumerable successful companies.

  • The capacity to manage various organisational facets like planning, staffing, leading, controlling, cognitive complexity, decision making, tasks, jobs and roles.
  • To learn the world’s best techniques in leadership and incorporate them in your own leadership practices.
  • Become an effective leader

2 Days